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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

if you're looking to buy a car

We're not looking to buy a car.

We have a ten-year-old Corolla that is beginning to show signs of being a high-needs kind of character, but so far, we've managed to placate it with soothing words and motor oil.

Also, we bought a new basement, new plumbing and a new roof this summer.

So no. Not looking to buy a car.


A few weeks ago I was getting ready for work, with the radio on in the background. And since this is one of those "give credit where it's due" kind of posts, I'll tell you - it was 680 News.

And a commercial came on. A really good one. I don't even like commercials. Ever. But this one made me stop (in the middle of putting my socks on, mind you), listen and then raise my socks in the air with a mighty cheer.

"Yes!!!!" I sobbed. "THAT is what we need, THAT is the company I would buy a car from, if we were buying a car." (But we aren't.)

OK. I didn't sob. But I did cheer.

This commercial suggested that the company knows that when Spike and I DO buy a vehicle ... well, it may not be just Spike and his manly opinions. There's a darn good chance that since we decide everything else together, we would make this decision together too. And apparently they even realized that I am not the only female involved in buying cars. LOTS of women buy cars!

"Which begs the question," the voice on the radio said. "Why aren't there more women selling cars? We decided to do something about it."

I loved that commercial. I wanted to hear it again. I wanted to use it to spread goodwill and cheer throughout my world.

So I asked if I could use it, expecting either (a) no response at all, or (b) a team of corporate lawyers to present a mountain of copyright infringement restrictions for me to sign in triplicate, so they could sue my socks off some Friday afternoon, just for fun.

I emailed 680 News. Got an immediate reply - "We can't give it to you, but here's the guy who can."

Guy-Who-Can cheerfully "howdied" me, and said, "Oops, I can't either, but I know who can - the President of the Corporate Structure."

Next thing I know, the P of the CS had left a friendly message on my voice mail, thanking me for my feedback, allowing me both a copy of the commercial and permission to use it, and leaving his phone number - in case I ever have any other questions.

I think I'm in love. Don't worry, Spike is right there with me.

If only we were buying a car ... sigh ... but we aren't.

But if YOU are ... might I recommend The Humberview Group. (Click HG Corporate when you get there. It's better than a feel-good movie.) They get it, the tricky art of customer service. They return phone calls and emails. It's possible they even like people.

And I just thought you should know.


janer said...

It's a good thing no one will be suing your socks off. You'd just got them on. Love this post.

Patti said...

I know. And they're good socks too - no holes or ANYTHING.

Dougie G said...

I guess advertising works. If you were buying another car, what kind would you get? What do women look for in a car? Ruth doesn't even drive, but she had to have her say in buying our car. Her side had to be comfortable.Not too high or too low. This has always been my domain, so I could feel the tension in my spine with each opinion she offered. But I listened to her and she listened to me and guess what we ended up with? A Corolla! We both love it. It has seven years to go until it's 10th anniversary. Soothing words and oil eh? I'll have to remember that.

Patti said...

Um... what do I want in a car? Budget is a big deal - car payments and insurance and gas mileage all have to be good. I like standard, not automatic. I get low back issues in bucket seats, so that's a factor. And it has to be easy to load with all of Spike's gear - but NOT a minivan.


I don't know what other women want. Lipstick holders maybe?? haha

Patti said...

Oh yeah, and my car has to be able to cope when I go out driving in winter snowstorms, just to prove I can.

That's probably more about the tires though.

vjc said...

Hey! I love my minivan! It's amazing how much STUFF you can fit into one of them. And I don't even mean the kids.

My dream car has 4-wheel drive, split, flip down rear seats probably a small wagon (or something with one of those rolly-down rear windows so 2 x 4s can hang out the back), and has a bin between the front seats instead of that ridiculous little coffee holder you see so often. And possibly a luggage rack for when I want to carry a dresser home by myself.

And it might be dark blue and have a name that rhymes with "Fubaru Spoutback."