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Friday, April 30, 2010

if i won

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I had this conversation recently with a friend. It's a most unlikely possibility, since I don't know if I've ever bought a lottery ticket. I'd rather buy chocolate, to be perfectly honest.

But if I DID win ... what would I do?


I'd put a second floor on the front half of our house, creating an awesome master bedroom and ensuite, with a balcony that faces the water. (It's possible I'd have to demolish a couple of apartment buildings to complete the view, but hey, if we're dreaming....)

I'd visit and thoroughly soak up every bit of everything in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I'd build a little summer place in Alaska.

I'd roadtrip in a Ford F-150, navy blue.

And I would drink only Fair Trade coffee.



Anonymous said...

I'd buy (or build) a house on about 10 acres - far enuf out to be in the country, but close enuf to the city to go out for supper. With a shoe-closet.

I'd check if there's a Suzuki X90 still around I could drive for a while. And ignore the comments.

I'd learn about photography. And computers. And another language. And horsebackriding.

I'd go on a cruise (preceded by consultation with someone very knowledgeable about such things)

I'd check out Switzerland / Sweden / Latvia / Australia / New Zealand.

I'd check out real, honest-to-goodness needs I could help.

Wouldn't it all be FUN?!?!?

But first, I'd have to actually buy a lottery ticket - and - well - that jes ain't likely to happen!


Kelly said...

I would give 2 minutes notice.

I would take photography courses and tool around back country roads taking pictures. I'd be driving a funky little convertable. I've always loved the classic BUGS. Bright yellow it would be.

I would travel.

I would buy some art for my walls. My walls are barren. They need help.

Every friday there is hope. The husband tosses in a couple bucks to the Horton's Warheouse Shift #3 pool ... so if you ever see them on the news ... know that my home number will suddenly be unlisted! ;)

Patti said...

"2 minutes notice" - AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chRistine said...

I'd quit and do full time charity work. This would be wonderful - not only could I do full time missions work, but I could indulge in photography and travel while doing it. :)

Meredith said...

I'd buy a residential and an office unit in the same condo, in several major cities, so that churches could be planted in the "meeting rooms" of those condos as well as having an office and a parsonage. (e.g. in Vancouver, Toronto).

I'd pay off the mortgage of everyone in my family (and buy them houses if they don't have one yet).

I'd buy my own condo with three bedrooms, Zodiaq quartz countertops, an enormous living room and city views in the middle of Hamilton - probably in the overglorified Chateau Royale. Or maybe something more modest in the Pigott Building.

I'd open a few Second Cup franchises.

And I'd occasionally drive a black vintage Mustang.

And then I'd spend a lot of time in Sweden.

Anonymous said...

I'd give the Lord His cut right off the top. Then I'd give family some money and buy them one of their dream items.
Then I would give to some charities I have wanted to give huge bucks to for a long time.

I would then build a vacation home in the rockies, maybe somewhere in Banf, another one on the east coast. Then I would buy a motor home and spend some time travelling Canada and the rest of the continent. ,ext would be woeldbtravel. After thta I would just chill a bit before my next adventure. I would do all this and still keep my job, providing they can keeqp my position for for a number of years. Lol.

vjc said...

How much would this fictitious lottery pot be?

My list starts fairly small but ramps up pretty quickly ...

Larry said...

I'd buy Blissed a tour bus, quit my job and be their tour manager full time! We are dreaming right? lol

Patti said...

Ah, Larry, you made me look bad.

I'd buy Blissed a tour bus too. I meant to say that...

Patti said...
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D_Morrison said...

Oh the choices! What would I do? I would hire Mary Poppins as my nanny, I would buy my wife her dream house, I would fix my lemon of a car(thats right I figure if I fix it enough it can't possible break!) and I would eat nothing but Pizza, sushi and meat balls!

Oh...and also pay off all my loans, invest in an RRSP, and load up my children's RESP.

And buy Kim a librairy somewhere in Europe with all the book's she could ever want!