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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the kids

My favourite part of visiting Ukraine is the villages.

My favourite part of visiting Ukraine is also the cherry vyreniki (pierogies, stuffed with cherry pie filling, with sugar sprinkled on top). Also the fresh dill on just about everything. Heaven.

My OTHER favourite part of visiting Ukraine is the kids.

Kids in Sunshine orphanage.

 They needed an electrical hook-up for a stove. We were able to help pay for that.

Doesn't that little guy just make you howl?

Kids in "family dorms".

In a family dorm, moms and tots have a single room, with shared kitchen and washroom facilities between them all. I use the terms "kitchen and washroom" loosely. The family dorm we visited needed their water pipes repaired. They had to go to the next building to haul water to their own. Our team was able to help pay to get the water pipes fixed.

Kids in the baby orphanage.

By the way, if you're ever wondering, "EEE-sho" means "again" in Russian.

As in, "Let's go down that slide AGAIN!"

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Jack said...

:D Beautiful pictures, beautiful stories! thanks for sharing!