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Saturday, September 12, 2009

first day - the report

The first session didn't happen - apparently there are no tutorials the first week, but they prefer to let you have the joy of discovering that on your own.

And I had already come extra early, to allow time for parking on the other side of the city (which, turns out, I didn't have to do) and to find where I was to be (which took all of 5 minutes). So I had a good hour and a half to walk around the campus and people-watch.

Finally, we filed into the lecture hall - all 300 of us. I aimed for a "leftie" desk. (I may not have been in school for a long time, but I remember trying to write left on a desk for "righties". There's just not enough chiropractic coverage for those contortions. That's right. I'm a mature student now. My back goes out sometimes, and I'm not ashamed to say it.)

Chatted briefly to a few people. Silently noted that I was not the only oldie in the class. Realized it didn't matter to me anyway.

And over the next two hours, as course outlines were reviewed, papers were discussed and a few introductory thoughts were presented, I smiled with contentment. I get to learn again! It's been a long time coming, this particular dream of mine. But now that I'm here, it feels exactly right.

All I can tell you is what I texted to Spike on my way back to the car....

"i m so happy!!"


Sheepdog said...


hmmm.... a few happy dances going on this week, eh. :)

chRistine said...

i'm jealous :)

actually, i'm not, because i'm taking night courses and i LUFF it :) but good for you :) glad you're so pleased.

Sue H said...

Great for you I can remember when I first decided to go back to school it was so nerve racking, but after the first day it was rewarding. They say that one is never to old young to learn, so keep up the awesome work.