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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

an idea for my bank

Dear Bank:

We bank online. Have for years.

We also have a budget. A plan for our billions. I know - crazy talk, right?

Here's my idea: merge those two things. On your website. You have all my other information stored - bills I pay, savings goals, transaction records, everything. I'm pretty sure you know my original hair colour, and I suspect you also know if the person with the same last name as mine who was hung for treason in Ireland a century or two ago, was actually related to me.

So I wouldn't think this is too difficult for you.

I would love, LOVE if you would embed a simple Excel spreadsheet in that online banking space, just for me. A place to keep track of which money is for what thing. So that our billions stay on track. And so that I don't have to transfer the .002 cents of interest into my own spreadsheet in another window. I want it aaallll in one place.

Like this:

OK? Ok.



BanjoSue said...

Yesterday I visited my bank at lunch hour, with half a dozen tasks.
Collen, the teller, was patient and helpful. Everything got done, including finding 8 American $5, for travelling tips. I was so grateful, and it was much easier than last year's effort.
Blogging probably wouldn't help me, but if it betters customer service, I'm all for it.

Ken said...

Patti, This is going to sound like an ad, but I'm only a satisfied customer. I have been using Quicken by Intuit for probably 20 years now. It is a commercial PC package that tracks expenditures vs. budgets, allows you to categorize expenditures, tracks mortgages, tracks investments, etc., etc. It downloads information from your bank(s) and credit card(s). Tracks expected bills and income so can predict bank account balances. Since I use plastic for (almost) everything, I use it once a week for about an hour, and know much more about my spending and investments than I would ever even dream of doing with a spreadsheet. I tend to buy the updated version about every 3 years. And since the information is on my PC, it isn't dependent upon a particular business relationship, nor is it as likely to be attacked as a web-based solution.

Patti said...

Uncle Ken - I have had all of that - it was too much to keep track of. However, I do track everything, and finally simplified to a monthly spreadsheet about a year ago. Most of what we do is in that spreadsheet, from our chequing account. We do almost everything with cash.

My idea was only for our savings account, where money goes that is not simply "in and out," but is being saved for various purposes. I do keep track of it myself - just thought it would simplify life to eliminate a step. There's a "tool" for everything else in online banking - why not that?


It's not really a crisis though. Just a thought.

Patti said...

Follow-up: just re-read my post and realized that I didn't actually SAAAAAYYYYY, "this is about my savings account". It was about, for example, insurance bills that are once a year, etc., not regular stuff.