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Monday, December 01, 2014

new friends

Last Friday I got up at 4:30.

In the morning.

I was trying to get a head-start on what was going to be a tremendously busy day, at the beginning of a ridiculously busy weekend. There wasn't time to fit in One More Thing.

Not even a wafer-thin dinner mint.

But then I was invited to breakfast with Ukrainian friends-of-friends.

"At 9 AM"
"Today??!! Like, in an hour from now??!!!"
"Ya - can you come? We really want you to come."

I had no time for breakfast with strangers. I was already missing a breakfast meeting that didn't really need me there.

However ... one simply makes time for Ukrainian friends and friends-of-friends. So I went to the office, pressed the "print" button on a thousand flyers, and went to breakfast.

And now Spike & I have three more friends to visit, next time we are in Ukraine.

They came to our church supper on Sunday night. One of them offered to sing a couple of songs - beautiful.

They brought candies for everyone - "a gift from the President of Ukraine," they said, laughing.

Because they're Roshen candies
- and "Roshen" is right in the centre of President Poroshenko's name
- it's his candy company.

Or was.
I think he may have sold it when he became President.
Not sure.
I haven't talked to him recently.

They also brought a really beautiful gift, for me.

Ukrainians always bring gifts. 

Ukrainians also smile and warmly invite you to stay in their home the next time you come. And it is explained ever so gently that they don't say that as a matter of politeness, like Canadians do.

They mean it.

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