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Thursday, December 04, 2014

cookies in class

Last night was the final class of the semester. It's the time of year when I wonder if I will eeeeever finish this degree.

Cookies help.

The prof brought cookies last night.

And then a student ALSO brought cookies.

So that helped.

I've quite enjoyed this course, to be honest. The reading was ... kinda awful sometimes. Like, "bang my head on the wall and wail despairingly" awful. And I suspect that in the end I will receive the lowest grade of any class I've had so far.

... yep ... sigh ...

BUT ... I've learned a great deal, and the learning has been both applicable and enjoyable.

So I'm OK with that outcome.

Final exam in a few weeks. It's worth 35%. It's gonna require a lot ... A LOT ... of studying.

Wish me luck.

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