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Thursday, November 15, 2007

bits and pieces

OK, in case you haven't noticed, there's a new link to the left, for Crossfire's Philippines Mission Team - they leave on Tuesday! They will be blogging while they are away - you may want to check it out. There may be pictures too!

Also, check out Dwayne's Soapbox blog if you're interested - he and his wife are very good friends of Jeff and I - they are in Ukraine right now, and blogging about it.

And...I'm putting our poll results on the bulletin board in the sanctuary. :)

Hey - speaking of finding a creative way to preserve the pews (and the history that goes with them), without actually forcing everyone to sit in them in straight lines on Sundays - did any of you have any ideas of what that creative way might be?

I have an idea, but I don't want to tell yet. I want to hear YOUR ideas!

And meanwhile, I will start a new poll of some kind.

(Hmmm, what to ask, what to ask)


Kelly said...

EXCELLENT ... i get to be on a CF bulletin board ... or at least a segment of my opinion ... as I chose to answer the poll question even though ... ummmm ... i go somewhere else! :)

ideas ... not having been in the building in question ... not sure of facility space ... BUT ... a cafe setting ... benches for tables ... where sipping of java could take place

hmmmmm ... i appear to like the use of ... <-- what are those things called? there is a specific name for them ... and now i'm rambling ...


Dougie G said...

I haven't seen the building on the inside, so it's hard to know what would work. How about lining them along the wall. The church is 90 years old? How good are the records since the beginning? How many pews are there? You could research all the pastors that have been at the church and dedicate a pew to their "term in office?"...or so many feet of a pew, with a historical biography. This could be written on metal plates attached to the pew with a picture of the pastor.You could sit in the pew and imagine the history and events that transpired!
Crazy eh!

Sheepdog said...

How about a section where the pews are facing each other (but perpendicular to the pulpit area so no one has their back to the pastor or speaker) with some space in between them?

It honours both the tradition and the relational concepts.

Anonymous said...

Turn the pews into book cases for the library. Or perhaps give them away to other churches who could use them.
About the balcony . . . bungey jumping for Jesus or perhaps a rock climbing wall. Its definitely a good vantage point for spitball fights, but not during service : ).

Patti said...

kelly -

didn't we tell you we have an agenda with you? we are "witnessing" to you ... you are just a pre-CF-er.

LOL. Totally kidding!! We like having friends from other churches!

I ... use ... those things ... all the time!

Java space is very excellent.

Some interesting ideas for pews so far! (Bungee jumping being a special kind of interesting)

BTW, you can make multiple choices on the new poll if you want to.

Patti said...
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Bob said...

I like Kelly's thought on a cafe setting of some kind. I like the concept of using something traditional to facilitate something post modern.

rmv said...

Hey I have a 75 yr old aunt that wants to bungey jump before she dies.

Maybe this is a new evangelistic
way of getting people like her into
the church and saved lololol

Hmmmmm or was that die bye bungey jumping lololol?

abw said...

In case anybody is still curious...three dots like I just used are called an ellipsis