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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


(Before I type today's post, I just wanted to let you know that we dropped off our Philippines team yesterday morning, and they posted on their blog from Hong Kong sometime last night. I would love it if we left some comments on their blog - I'm pretty sure they can check the comments - and it could really be a blessing to them while they are away.)

My attention has been caught by some seriously good marketing the last few weeks. Not to say I've become a customer of any of these companies - but they got my attention in a good way, so I thought I'd give 'em props. And a link to their companies, in case you want to see who they are. Because I love examples of really creative thinking!!

Omni Jewel Crafters advertises on CFRB. They had this really crazy stupid idea some time ago to sell high-quality jewellery, at a big discount, sight unseen, over the radio.

What a dumb idea!!! Right??? Who would buy jewellery they haven't seen, from the radio???!!!

Apparently lots of people would, because it sounds like they're doing really well. They just get on the radio and talk - it's not a "commercial" (I would turn it off) - it's them just chatting. Like that Saul Corey guy on the Danforth. I LOVE when he talks! He doesn't just advertise for himself - he tells you about all the OTHER businesses on the Danforth who are just as great as he is!! Wow!!!! What a great businessman!!

(Of course, now I can't find his business, so maybe his style wasn't so successful after all...I still like him though.)

Anyhow, back to Omni, and Jack Berkowitz or Berkovitz, or something like that. I feel like, if I was in the market for jewellery, which I'm not, I know them and could trust their product and their service. Which is saying a lot for me!

Then there's the apple-cinnamon breakfast pitas which I buy at the grocery store, and love. They're healthy AND tasty. Imagine that. The last package I bought, a little cellophane-wrapped piece of paper fell out. I opened it, because I figured it was a coupon, and I'm a cheapie.

It wasn't a coupon. It was...a tiny little newsletter from the family that makes these pitas!!! It said, hey, thanks for supporting us and buying our pitas. We're pretty excited about how things are going, and our youngest brother has a big art show coming up, so that's cool too...blah, blah, blah. As if they actually know me! It didn't say "buy our stuff" or anything at all. Just a little note to whoever already bought it.

You KNOW they have made me want to buy from them now and forevermore.

And then there are the Billy Graham commercials which have really grabbed me, because they're so non-traditionally religious. If you visit this site, click on the "Jesus Do" one-minute spot. I heard this particular one when I was getting ready for work one morning, and I actually stopped, raised both hands in the air, and CHEERED!

I could (and sometimes do) complain ALL DAY LONG about companies with cruddy marketing. But I don't want to be that person all the time. I like giving honour where it's due. So...these are 3 companies / organizations that marketed in a way that appealed to me. And I thought I'd pass it on.


Patti said...

BTW, we just printed a bunch of your comments and put them on the "new location" bulletin board - bungee jumping for Jesus and everything!

Sheepdog said...

I listened to the "Jesus Do". What a refreshing piece.

Billy Graham, though - it figures. :)