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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

bring out the cake!

Cheesy chicken-and-mushroom crepes.

Cheesy cauliflower and broccoli.

Chocolate-caramel cheesecake.

It was a very cheese-full dinner last night, and that can only mean one thing....


Tonight, we dine somewhere with a lot of meat. (The birthday is actually today, so maybe we can get a freebie somewhere!)


Kelly said...


november is a fabulous month to be born in!

Patti said...

kelly - are you a november baby too?

Joe said...

Another year passes...
More experience...
More knowledge...
More heart...

Yep, you are one of the few wise-guys I know.

Happy Birthday Jeff

lalalala laa laaaa


Kelly said...

I'm celebrating the 20th anniversary of my 20th birthday on Friday!


Anonymous said...

So how old does that make Jeff now?

Sheepdog said...



We're glad that you were born!


uh... Kelly?

... The 20th anniversary of your 20th birthday... Doesn't that make you 400 years old?

so... um... what kind of vitamins are you taking? I want some.


mrv said...
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Kelly said...

Sheep --

when it comes to bdays i tend to ADD as opposed to MULTIPLY ... the numbers go down a little easier that way!


Patti said...

By the way, in case any of you are wanting to make crepes, without actually MAKING crepes...they are not easy to find.

Fortinos has bread, bagels, crumpets, English muffins, croissants, flatbreads, Montreal-style bagels, pitas, pita pockets, breakfast pitas, phyllo pastry, frozen pancakes, frozen waffles and weiner wraps (gross).

They do not have crepes.

It's enough to send you into a blind panic, if you are really in need of crepes.

HOwever, I have learned - The Barn in Westdale has them, squished in beside the berries.

And it's seasonal. Crepes. What the heck "season" does crepes belong to???!!


mrv said...

Happy Birthday "Jeff"

If your looking for lots of meat
and free in the same sentence for your Birthday I would suggest
Tony Romas or Tuckers Marketplace!!!

Have a great day!

Bob said...

I agree with Kelly - November is the best month to have been born in.
I also like her way of counting the b-days - trouble is I've just celebrated the 40th anniversary of my 20th b-day. And no Sheepdog that doesn't make me 800 years old.

eat lots of meat buddy.

TLC said...

So, where did you find birthday freebees?? I need to know...asap! Oh, please don't say Tuckers - getting a little tired of that...but would definitely appreciate other suggestions!

Bob said...

Just for the record - weiner wraps are NOT gross!!!
But you do have to buy good hot dogs not those disgusting things they sell in little packs of 10 in the stores.

Dougie G said...


All the best to you and may you have many more!

Keep on rockin on


Sheepdog said...

Hey, Kelly. I kind of figured that you were adding rather than multiplying. But it was fun to kid with you. :)

Patti said...

Jeff says THANKS to all of you!

We went to the Outback, where Jeff's sister and her husband TREATED us to steak and prime rib!!!


It was a great day!

Sheepdog said...

ooohhhh.... steeeaaaaakkkkkkk......

Hey, these comments about meat remind me of that television commercial for cat food - Hubert wants to know if the woman brought home any meat and then he says, "No meat, no Hubert"


And no, I can't see Jeff being like that..


Hey everyone! Look at Bob! He's 800 years old! (hehe)

wwmn said...

Where's the picture of the birthday??? Not the balloons - the birthday picture.

You know. The one with the presents.

Yeah. That one.

The one the nephew was hysterical about...

Anonymous said...

I thought only women were concerned about their age?

dc3 said...

happy birthday, buckaroo. got a bunch of head bangers here at HEIR HQ who want to hear more of your Mel Torme renditions!