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Sunday, February 08, 2009

in case you ever become wildly popular

Saw a great philosophical statement early this morning. Thought I'd share it with you, in case it's helpful.

You've probably heard about the insanely corrupt governor of Illinois. "Allegedly." Am I required to say "allegedly"?

He's been replaced. Apparently by a straight-as-an-arrow guy named Pat Quinn. Not THAT Pat Quinn. Another one.

And he, of course, is quite popular today, seeing as he's not blatantly selling senate seats to the highest bidder. Note: some feel it's OK to sell seats in a once-removed, plausible deniability sort of way. Others disagree.

Anyway - he is handling his popularity with a great deal of wisdom.

He has a philosophy.

It's good to have a philosophy BEFORE you need it. It's hard to come up with a philosophy that works on the day you become popular. So, in case you haven't developed your own "if-I-ever-become-wildly-popular philosophy", might I recommend this one?

You know, just until you come up with your own.

Works for me!


Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

haha! I like it.

It's so easy for the ego to become bigger than the person when the person gets power and/or position. And I think we're all vulnerable to that folly.

Many years ago someone I respect said something to me that I never forgot and it's served me well.

He said, "When you have power, you have to respect that power more than anyone else does."

Good advice.

As far as "allegedly" goes... I think that now that the matter has been proven or determined by those authorized to make such determination, you don't have to say "allegedly" (I think). I say "allegedly" all the time (until a person has actually been convicted) and victim's families get upset with me for that. But if I don't say "allegedly", well, I'm in trouble with others. It's sometimes a challenging line to walk, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

"You only have power to the degree that those you govern are willing to give to it to you." Such is the power and freedom of democracy.

"Even feather dusters have their nemissis. They're called Swifters!"

Anonymous said...

George Carlin on Death: "Everyone should get a two minute warning just before you die, unless your an entertainer, then you should get five minutes!"

Don G said...

There's a lesson here somewhere that involves Pride and Humility. The Peacock obviously is filled with pride, which of course, comes before a fall. But, isn't the lesson learnes after the fall ? A feather duster is a very useful and necessary tool that serves humanity very well. I think I would opt to be a feather duster.

Patti said...

Ooooh, interesting slant there Don!

vjc said...

Not entirely sure why but I can totally hear you saying this blog, Patti. Makes me wish we could sit down and have a coffee or something.

My philosophy (taken from another writer is "On my planet, all the holes are square."

Do you suppose it will work if I ever become popular?

BTW, I think you don't have to say allegedly because to anyone with a lick of common sense, he did it. Only the lawyers have to say "allegedly" because they're being paid to prove he might not have. And the media because they can't afford the same lawyers if they (the lawyers) manage to somehow get him off the charges...

Patti said...

vjc - I like your philosophy! I may adopt it; it seems like the kind of philosophy that saves me from having to make a lot of long explanations. :)

Let's find a half-way point between you and me, and have coffee! :)

Where would that be, anyway???!!!

vjc said...

SG says Rapid City SD, or somewhere near the intersection of Wyoming, Nebraska & Colorado.

Thursday at 3?


Patti said...

Um, yes I can fit in Thursday at 3 but I have another appointment at 5, and then a meeting at 7:30, so it'll have to be a quick coffee.

I can do a lingering coffee on Friday.... :)

Ironically, Spike is in Jamestown, ND a few times a year, and also in Wyoming somewhere. Maybe I'll tuck into a suitcase next time and see if you show up!