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Monday, December 21, 2009

shopping smiles

Two minutes in, I realized I had forgotten. I even debated sneaking out of our Candlelight Tangerine Memories service last night to go and get it, but then I thought ... mmm ... maybe not. So I had to go without it. The candlelight was still nice.

But today ... today was the day that Spike and I were going to finish (read: "start") our Christmas shopping. And since today is December 21, we were both fully aware that it was probably not going to go well. Parking lots would be full, store employees would be (understandably) crusty, shelves would be picked over, and lines would be long.

But it had to be done. So we got up this morning, downed some strong coffee, made a list, breathed deeply and headed out. First stop was to pick up the item I had forgotten last night. Spike was hesitant, but the Christmas spirit (or my pleading smile) won him over, and he sighed and said, "OK, grab one for me too."

We didn't go to a single mall. We hit a few big box stores, as well as a little independent one, and everywhere we went, people seemed happy to see us. Even when we accidentally interrupted one employee counting cash, her impatient response changed quickly to a friendly "Merry Christmas". Complete strangers smiled and waved. Drivers nodded in our direction, as we competed for parking spots.

And a few hours later - it was all done.


With a miraculous lack of crusty, impatient interactions.

Our secret?


Santa hats.


TLC said...

You seriously went shopping in Santa hats?? Huh...I'll have to try that - I got the crusty mall lady.

Patti said...

Yup. We seriously did.

Patti said...

Unexpected benefit: if you get separated in a crowded store, it's easier to find one another! LOL

pfraser.work@sympatico.ca said...

But of course! You must have one of them at this time of year! Merry Christmas Patti, and to Jeff also!

Janer said...

I love you two!
And I hope you took pictures!

Anonymous said...

I was interested in what is was that you for got to buy for candlelight tangerine night on sunday that I quicly read your so I could find out.... now I ahve to go back and read the story again... You two...what can I say