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Saturday, January 30, 2010

we're back

Next post, I'll tell you about the carp. And the ducks.

Until then, suffice it to say we had the loveliest of vacations, during which we did ...

... well, not much actually.

After a full day of work, followed by an evening lecture, we drove straight through to Myrtle Beach, arriving there about 4 PM the next day. That kind of driving is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you. If you decide to try it, prepare yourself for mild hallucinations during the last hour or two. Singing TV theme songs from M*A*S*H and Pocoyo is a helpful exercise at that point.

Yes, Pocoyo.

We love Pocoyo. Spike can imitate his dance perfectly, and it cracks me up every time.

We shopped, we played air hockey and ping pong, we floated in an outdoor hot tub and an indoor lazy river, and we ate. Mostly in places where we were the sole guests.

Gotta love off-season.

All in all, a great way to spend a week.

But don't let me forget to tell you about the carp. And the ducks.

(Meanwhile, spammers are hitting my blog. It's the price of fame, I guess. So I had to add word verification to the comments page - don't let it scare you away!)


vjc said...

Does Spike do the whole dance or just parts of it? And did you do the laughing before or after the sleep deprivation? :)

chRistine said...

and i was thinking "even the part when poyoco lands on his head?"

excellent - glad you had a nice week away.

jarod said...

i....DEMAND.....to see spike do this.

That would not make my day. It wouldn't make my week. Neither would it make my month. That would make my YEAR!

by the way, that was the very first of Pocoyo that I've seen. There will be more.

Patti said...

Yay! A Pocoyo conversion!!!!

It is absolutely RIDICULOUS how funny that little guy is.

OK, and to be truthful ... Spike only does one part of Pocoyo's dance. Ask him. He'll show you.


Oh, and there was laughter all the time, but the sleep deprivation caused intermittent bouts of weeping and wailing as well.

Spike said...

...I will show no one.

janer said...

...you don't have to...I can see in my mind's eye Pocoyo's slight look of self-satisfaction on Spike's face as you do the move. Funny....