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Saturday, February 27, 2010

the pen

As we take this short break between women's curling silver medal, and (hopefully) men's hockey gold medal, I have a burning question within my heart. It is a question that arises each and every time I watch the Olympics, whether summer or winter.

I need to stress that it is NOT an important question. Unless the answer becomes a loose thread that entirely unravels the journalism of 36 Olympic games, because apparently, that's how long Brian Williams has been reporting on them. (And no, my American friends, I do not mean NBC's Brian Williams. We have our own guy, who just happens to have the same name. He's a "highly decorated" Canadian sportscaster. I think that means he's covered in Christmas tree lights, which is weird.)

I love Brian Williams. I do. He doesn't ask dumb questions. He's genuinely pleased to be there, to meet the athletes, to impart information that we are all just dying to know. He tells us what time it is, quite a bit, in different time zones. But sometimes I wonder ...

Would he be able to do it without his pen?

Watch him. When he's behind that anchor desk, there is always ... and I do mean ALWAYS ... a pen in his hand.

Sometimes I wonder if he's not real at all. Maybe he's an android, and that pen is his hard drive or battery pack or something. And then I wonder - would that piece of information actually unravel the journalism of 36 Olympic Games? Moreover, would that matter?

Think about it.

And now, back to the games - GO CANADA GO!

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vjc said...

Ha!! Now I'm going to be seeing that pen and watching for the LED transmit signal every time he's talking...