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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I almost had it all together

You know how, every now and then, a moment comes along when you say to yourself - "There. For this one little moment, I have it all together."

And you know it isn't going to last. You know it's not a true reflection of how life works. But for that one little moment - it's all under control.

I had the briefest of moments like that about a month ago. The moment hasn't repeated itself, but I gaze back fondly at it. My to-do list at work was somewhat realistic. The dustbunnies at my house had been beaten back to small villages under the couch. And I even had managed to ... wait for it ... prepare some tasty and nutritious food ahead of time. Meals were all wrapped up in the freezer, smug and self-satisfied, one of them even a previously untried recipe.

In fact, it was SUCH a lovely moment, that I thought I'd take one of those delightful little freezer meals and pass it along to someone else. Because when you have it all together, even for the briefest of moments, you feel like that moment should be shared.


So a month later, Spike and I pulled one of those perfect little meals out of the freezer. Because this week, we do NOT have it all together, and there is no sense that it will all COME back together in the next few weeks. So we heated up that little meal, and dished it out. Added some salt. Added some pepper. Added some hot sauce.

And finally looked at each other and said - "Does this taste ... BLAND?"

Yes. Yes it does. And the really lovely part of that is, that the little freezer meal I passed along was the same recipe. Bland and tasteless, although filling.

So much for my all-together moment. Back to crazy.


Kelly said...

Maybe you gave the meal to someone who likes bland and tasteless ... and it will be the BEST bland and tasteless meal they have ever eaten.

I'm just saying.

You gotta look on the bright side of life ...

and you know you're whistling that tune now ... you know you are ...

Sheepdog said...

Maybe what you think is bland and tasteless actually tastes really good to your friend. :) And what friend wouldn't appreciate a pre-made meal given by someone special, eaten after a long day when there was nothing else in the house to eat? That's the kind of meal that reminds a friend of God's love and goodness, that evokes further gratitude to Him and makes the friend feel like she has friends, that she's not alone. That makes the meal rich and filling in other ways too.

I remember telling a friend that I make mean scalloped potatoes. I made some of those scalloped potatoes for my friend and some for myself. After I gave away the dish of potatoes to my friend, I ate mine and nearly choked because they were so bad. I never mess up that one - but I did so just at the time I decided to give them away - haha.

As for having things under tidy control? I'm laughing because I know where you work! I've also learned that, at least for me, when things get like that God throws something at me to get busy for Him again. And as tired as I get, I'm given another kind of richness of life again.

You are doing an AWESOME job of things. You're too busy to notice how awesome you are, but God knows and so do some people.

vjc said...

Some people LIKE bland and tasteless. Particularly if they're of northern-climates descent, for some reason. So hopefully your friends had Swedish roots - they'll be asking for the recipe.

Besides, you forgot to add cheese. Almost anything can be disguised under cheese.

TLC said...

Bland and tasteless is my favourite food - particularly after a long, hard day at work. It requires less work from the brain to eat, since the brain doesn't have to try to interpret all the flavours.

Patti said...

I think you are all being very polite....

Except Sheepdog. Sheepdog is sincere. :)