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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Xerox rox!

This is another credit-where-it's-due post.

Yesterday, I came to work to discover that my computer would not print to our shiny multi-use Xerox machine. At all. It wasn't even trying, which I thought was rude.

"Please print." "No."

"Please?" "No."

"What if I reboot my computer / restart the program / check all the settings?" "No."

"But you can see the printer, the properties are all there, and I've troubleshot (troubleshooted?) everything." "Yes. That's true. But no."

"What if I just try a teeny little test print from Notepad?" "NO. And if you ask again, I'll screw something else up."


Add to this mixture the fact that I had an assignment due in class that evening. Which of course, my computer knew. It coldly told me to contact my network administrator.

As if little churches with 3 to 5 employees have network administrators. I'll tell you what we have. We have me, and clearly I'm not useful. And we have a friend who is a volunteer who very likely regrets ever having given me his cell phone number. I phoned him again, and he graciously answered. Told me that it sounded like printer drivers, and he doubted that Xerox would help, since the drivers are on my computer, not on their machine.

I tried anyway. Took a deep breath, called the Xerox number, and prepared myself to suck up to automated voice prompts speaking of "unusual wait times" and "technical difficulties".

Instead, I got Jason. Now to be truthful, I had to go through just a few voice prompts, and one unnamed lady who tried to help but couldn't. But she quickly passed me over to Jason.

Jason was cheerful and empathetic. Jason knew what he was doing. Jason offered to just fix it right then and there for me, if I would please just type in this code so he could access my computer ...

And then while Jason chatted to me on the phone, I sat back and watched as a mouse moved around on my screen, expertly removing printer drivers and reinstalling them, then running test prints, and setting up my own preferences again.

It finished up with a "have a nice day" from him and a joyfully weeping expression of gratitude from me. I printed my assignment and handed it in on time.

Score a whole lot of points for Xerox customer service!


a.s. said...

I have had that same experience with Xerox!

It actually makes you a little giddy, but teary-eyed at the same time.

chRistine said...

and how sad is that - customer service being so rare that we all get a bit misty over it?

Anonymous said...

...and I'll betcha that Jason - LA-AA-AA!!! - is approx 17 1/2 years old.

We have a very-often-spoken (y'know, vs. 'unspoken') theory where I work - which is a massive massive corporation I might add, that when a pants-barely-up, hat-on-backward, somewhat unkempt teeny-bopper comes down the hall in answer to our call for help, we're goin' be up and runnin' right smartly!


Jason from Xerox said...

Thank you so much Patti for those wonderful comments that you sent back with the survey.

We routinely go through the surveys that are returned to us & when I came across this one, it really made my day, as well as my managers!

I'm so glad you were pleased with the support you received & if you need to contact us again for support, I hope you have the same wonderful experience!

Patti said...

Jason from Xerox! What a lovely surprise! I think you should pass those comments in all directions, and get yourself a serious promotion. You have my vote.

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