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Monday, December 20, 2010


OK, here's how it's gonna be.

I'm on vacation. And I'm going to be warm.

I've been cold for at least a month. It's because of the energy-saving world we live in. "Just one degree makes a world of difference, and you won't even notice," is the happy chirping myth of the energy-saver. I am here to tell you that I DO NOTICE.

All summer long, Spike sweats and dies a little bit, because we are energy-saving on the A/C. All winter long, I shiver and die a little bit, because we are energy-saving on the heat. And I DON'T get used to it. That's another myth. No, I'm still cold, and I suspect that deep inside my body, even my liver has shrunk in on itself in an effort to trap bits of body heat.

Are we going away somewhere warm on our vacation? No. Don't be silly. We're going (eventually, for a few days) to the Colder North. Because people we love live there.

But until then, I'm home. I'm on vacation. And I have turned the thermostat up. Not even just one degree. Two. Yes TWO!!! And then I pressed that lovely "HOLD" button.

For I. Will. Be. Warm.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you! And we're a lot more than one degree colder this year! - Carey

Rick said...

Make it 3 degrees and call it quits.

Joe said...

We have the same problem at our house. We dropped the temp two degrees and it makes a small difference. Doesn't seem worth it. Why? I still go about the house without a shirt... unless there is company. Too warm I says. Linda sits in her chair with a sweater on and a blankey wrapped around her legs... shivering. Too cold she says. The only one that doesn't seem to mind is the cat. Just right she purrs. Were just waiting now for Goldilocks to show up.