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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

new things

My new textbook came in the mail today. I'm all a-tingle about it. I have this grand plan that I am going to read the entire thing when I start vacation time next week, so that I'm ahead of the game before class begins in January.

Never mind that during said vacation, Spike and I are finishing the Christmas shopping, wrapping the Christmas shopping, cooking a turkey dinner, hosting the fam for Christmas, and then galivanting off to visit with various family and friends spread around the province, between Christmas and New Years, arriving back home in time to preach a sermon that I haven't written yet.

Never mind those things. In between I'm going to read my textbook. And create study notes.

(pausing to acknowledge your eye-rolling response. it's valid.)

I'm also going to make homemade butter and homemade bread, due to the power of suggestion of two Facebook friends. Both guys, incidentally. And for the record, I'm probably not actually going to make either of those things. But at this point, I believe that I will.

In other news, I'm currently editing our new website ... scheduled for release in just a matter of days ... you will be amazed and moved. You will laugh, you will cry, you will go out and achieve world peace simply by visiting our new website.

What do you mean, I'm overselling it?


Never mind.

If you WANT to visit our new website, once it's online, you can. You know, it's up to you, I'm cool with it. Whatever, dude.

I met with a kickin' urban artist last week. We're working on something new. I'm kind of excited about that too. Don't worry, I'm not involved in the artistic part. That would be disastrous. I'm involved in the, "Wow, that's what I wanted, 'make it so, Number 1'" part.

I like doing new things. I get bored and irritable with too much routine. But inspiration, imagination and ... um ... innovation**, yes that's a good word ... those things make me happy.

And happiness is good.

**with Abject Apologies for All Annoying Alliteration ... oops, I did it again. My bad.


Anonymous said...

Homemade bread, homemade butter! That's a dynamic duo! Mmmmm yummy.

janer said...

No one could ever say you aren't ambitious. Also, not a bad word.

Anonymous said...

Okay Superwoman, just go ahead and leave the rest of us in the dust.

Doesn't bother me a bit.

I'll just go check my personal big project list now...laundry... groceries... ironing... sticky kitchen floor...


Patti said...

OK, well then just to clarify...

My dirty laundry is half in the laundry basket and half on the floor ...

I just got Spike to buy a turkey yesterday for next week, but no other groceries have been purchased ...

I don't iron ...

And my floor is sticky too.

Not QUITE Superwoman! haha