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Thursday, January 06, 2011

a walk in the woods

I got a BUNCH of new books for Christmas. A total of 6, I think.

Not counting the textbook that I was going to read over the holidays. That didn't happen, by the way. Are you surprised? Pretend you're surprised. I did carry it with me from place to place, if that counts for anything.

*small voice* it doesn't count, does it?

Spike and I have been reading it together. We may never finish the end of it, because now that holidays are over, reading out loud together is ... well ... unlikely. It requires both of us having the time, energy and interest at the exact same time. Let's face it. Odds are slim.

But we greatly enjoyed the first 75% of it! And I fully intend to enjoy the rest of it, if on my own. We decided that the main character has a similar personality to my Dad, minus the mild profanity. And getting to know the main character's friend Katz - the Most Unlikely Hiker Ever - well, he is just laugh-out-loud funny.

Plus you actually learn things in this book. If that's a reason not to read it - you can just skip the learning parts and get back to the story. No harm done.

That's my kind of book.


Bob said...

I marked it "coffee-spewing" because I misinterpted the "minus the mild profanity" part.

Diane H. said...

I loved Walk in the Woods. JM and I listened to the "books on tape" version one summer on a driving holiday. You should also read his "In a Sunburned Country". I took it to Australia with us and JM took it away at night because I was laughing so hard it woke him up.

vjc said...
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vjc said...

(The author had to correct a few glaring typos)

Carrying the text book TOTALLY counts. Maybe not for your education but for your dedication to your intention. And possibly for the fitness factor - books get HEAVY when you carry them from place to place! (Just ask me how many times I've wished I was a Q-tip salesman instead...)