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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

babies (not mine)

So many of my friends reproducing miniature versions of themselves lately.  All baby boys, too, which is interesting.

I was talking to another couple yesterday who are contentedly non-babied at this point, and who are on the receiving end of a lot of knowing looks and "how-about-you?" comments.  I remember those days.

"Oooohhhh, Patti .... "

You should try being a pastor in that moment.

"Ooooohhhh, Pastor Patti ... we (the whole church, apparently) cannot wait ... we just KNOW that you are going to have the most wonderful babies ...."  And then they would tell me all of their labour and delivery stories, which, for the record, does not ADD to the appeal.

Except we weren't sure.  Not, I mean, about whether our babies would be wonderful ... just about whether that was a road we were going to go down.  So we kept putting it off.  "Maybe in a year or two," we'd say to each other.  And we really meant it.  We were sincerely procrastinating.

Somewhere around our 15th or 16th anniversary, we realized ... "We're just not that into this particular idea."  So we made the decision and bought a one-bedroom house.

But we like other people's kids.  Actually, we really LOVE other people's kids.  We've even cleaned up other people's kids' puke.  That's really saying something, I think.  And we're truly THRILLED for our parent-friends, especially the recent ones.

So ...


To Brian & BJ ... Julius & Jade ... Derick & Christina ... on the birth of each of their first baby boys, all in the last month!

With love, from Spike and Me

(PS to Mike and Melissa, whose baby is overdue ... hang in there ... any moment now ... )


Anonymous said...

Did you ever think of adoption, or does the whole idea of being parents not interest you? The good thing with adoption is you can pick the age and sex depending on your preference. That sounds weird doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I'm Anonymous! That other Anonymous is impersonating me.:o) Anyways,nothing wrong with your life decision. That's why I got a puppy which in reality require more attention.

Patti said...

Hello Anonymi :) Yes, we did think of, and investigate, adoption in Ukraine. Considered it very seriously.

A puppy - I have always thought a puppy is more work, at least at the beginning. You can't stuff a puppy in a car seat and bring them along!