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Friday, February 11, 2011

international cuisine

I used chopsticks to eat soup last night.

One of our favourite places to eat is this place.  It's close to home, it's tasty, and it's inexpensive.  And it's super-casual, so we can go there on a whim.  It's one of those places where you fill out your own order form - by number - because most of the staff don't really seem to speak English, and it's just easier that way.  Usually I get #448, which is rice vermicelli, spring roll, salad and shredded pork, but last night I got adventurous.  Tried something new.

MASSIVE BOWL OF SOUP with "well-done brisket" and "rare beef" (which cooks in the bowl once it's on the table) and rice vermicelli.  It's a meal in a bowl of broth.  The big Asian-style spoons work for the broth, but nothing else.

So ... having watched others ... I used chopsticks.

It wasn't pretty.  I'm not very good with chopsticks anyway, never mind in a soup context.  There's a good chance that had I been in a more significant restaurant, my efforts would have caused an international incident.  Still.  I was more than full in the end, and still had a significant amount left over.

All for $7.

I highly recommend it.


ChubbyNINJA said...

I LOVE THAT PLACE! i haven't eaten there in a while

Patti said...

soooo good. :)