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Saturday, February 26, 2011

freezer fodder

Spent a while this morning making herbed-tomato-and-bean soup to put in the freezer. And cleaning out my freezer.

That wasn't the plan. But I looked in my cupboard and saw way too many jars of tomatoes that have yet to be used, so I decided to make the soup. And the other day when I opened the freezer, I paused just long enough to be a little appalled at the chaos within.

So it's clean and mostly bare now. What used to be "Perfectly Good Food" had become "The Food Formerly Known As Perfectly Good".

Otherwise known as, "Lima Beans?  Really?" Or, "Frost-First Fruit". Or, "312 Bags Each With A Single Piece of Bread". Or "Parsley From My Garden That Would Have Had It's First Birthday This Coming Tuesday."

You get the idea.

What's in your freezer? Care to confess?


Mrs.Szabo said...

Hmm, in our freezer, WAY TO MUCH FROZEN fruit. I went through a smoothie phase because frozen fruit was on sale, at the same time I fell in love with Mangoes...therefore, there is a lot of frozen fruit in my freezer. probably 6 bags in total :S not all full but they sure take up space. We also have a side door in the freezer full of bacon..YUM..can't use to much of it till I get some good tomatoes. What else is in our freezer? No idea, guess that means it's time for me to take a good look in there as well!

Derbecker said...

Frozen spanikopita for my son (it gets spinach in him), chicken, hamburger, steaks, 3 containers of Hagen Dazs Mexican Chocolate ice cream bought on sale when it was $2.99 a pound, several containers of homemade red sauce (tomatoes, garlic, onion, carrot, lots of parsley), lamb stew made as a test from a recipe of a yet-to-be published cookbook written by the husband of a former paramour, a bag of English Muffins that really should be thrown away, and three fowl carcasses (turkey, duck and chicken) waiting to be made into a stock. Oh, and 2 no-name burritos. Everyone has a hidden vice.

chRistine said...

we have the same frozen fruit as Mrs Szabo, some 'crustinis' purchased for the children's lunch, ice cubes, turkey guts from thanksgivings past, and grated mexican cheese.

joe said...

A short time ago I decided to plumb the depths of the frozen wasteland. I dug deeeper and deeper into the iced caked tundra. I stopped when I came across mastodon burgers left over from the Flintstone-Bedrock layer.