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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I signed up for Netflix today.

My plan is to do the one-month free trial and then cancel it. The thing is, I have a paper to do that is based on a movie, and since 100 of us are doing the same paper (choice of 3 movies), all 13 copies of that movie have been checked out of the public library, and I'm not even trying the university library. You and I both know - it ain't there. I tried the supposedly wonderful stop-buying-stuff idea of borrowing it from someone local, via social networks.  You know, for the sake of the environment or the globe or something. Didn't work. No one has it. So Netflix it is.

Some of you love Netflix.  Some of you scoff.  I'll let you know my opinion in a month, if I have one.

In other movie news - we've been watching The Pink Panther lately. Not the cartoon. Not the one with Beyonce, as the girl at Best Buy brightly asked me.  *sigh*  The originals.

Oh my word, what a funny man.

I remember walking into my highschool French class one day, where Mr. Cook was animatedly talking about how sad it was that Peter Sellers had died. We all stared blankly at him. He paused.  "Peter Sellers," he said. "The inspector.  In the Pink Panther?" Another pause. "None of you?" A disdainful snort, and he was back to his regular emotionally-detached strict personna.

Now I know. And to Mr. Cook - wherever you are - I'd like to apologize on behalf of all 30 of us high school students who thought we knew it all, but didn't know Peter Sellers.

Note:  Both imdb and wikipedia say he died on July 24, 1980.  I have no idea why it came up in my high school French class.  I never did summer school, and wasn't in high school in 1980. Huh. Weird. Mr. Cook REALLY loved Peter Sellers, I guess.


ChubbyNINJA said...

Just be careful with netflix. remember if you have a limit on your internet and your watching HD movies, its almost 1Gb of internet for 1 hour of a movie.

Annabel said...

I happen to love the Pink Panther movies. I grew up watching them.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my netflix! my plan was the same for the free trial, then we realized how it has a lot of veggietales! I'm just as much of a fan as Lexi lol.
They are currently fighting for rights for most of the media that is 'not available' but I think I'm keeping it so I don't have to pay more when the rights are granted

M. said...

Netflix is worth it for the Brit comedies and documentaries alone.

chRistine said...

We cancelled our netflix after the first month. Just wasn't feeling it - the movies were old, they took up a lot of bandwidth.. meh.