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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


TWO significant meetings today.

I have a lot of meetings. Practices, appointments, coffees, introductions, staff meetings, board meetings, Ukraine trip meetings, and of course the Sunday-go-to-meeting meetings.

And I get invited to a lot of meetings. City meetings, community meetings, other church meetings, environmental meetings, launching-a-new-thing meetings. I don't go to most of them.

I don't do well in meetings, unless something is being accomplished. Meetings that involve a lot of reasons things can't be done - shudder. Meetings that are filled with formalities and honorifics - zzzzz. Meetings laced with guilt-trips - I'm outta there - "sorry, I have another meeting...".

But today! I was in TWO significant meetings TODAY.

ONE was with several businesses in our neighbourhood. We invited them to brunch. A seven-course gourmet brunch such as I have never before had, and likely never will again. There were 9 of us around the table, and we got to introduce some of them to others of them, and be part of some awesome networking. There are some great business people in our neighbourhood. People that are in it for more than just their own business - they want to contribute to the community.

I enjoyed that meeting.

The OTHER was with several female pastors, pulled together by one of our denominational higher-ups to get some insight into ... well ... what our challenges / joys / needs are as female pastors. There were 9 of us at that meeting too. The conversation got fairly intense and honest, but it had substance, and that was a very good thing. I said a lot of the stuff I wrote here, and to my delight, others said the same things. And more. We said more. Plus, there was coffee at the meeting. Also a good thing.

I greatly enjoyed that meeting.

And now I'm going home. Two meetings today. And I didn't nod off in either one.

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Wow! A boatload of potential - yay!