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Monday, November 28, 2011

the snowblower sold

Remember this?

Of course you do. It was only one post ago.

I checked again. The snowblower is sold. But dude is a blogger!

And his blog posts about sudden internet fame are rather entertaining.

I'm going to throw him into my blog list over there ... he's "The Blognostifier". Right there, with that name, you know he's going to be entertaining.

And maybe if I link to him, I'll experience random fame too. Because THAT, my friends, is the goal of my life. Random fame.


Of COURSE random fame is not my life's goal!!! Do you know me at all???!!! Sheesh, I was KIDDING.


i bet it would be fun though


proudmom said...

"Blognostifier" is not in my Favourites list.

proudmom said...

ohforpetessake. I meant to type is noW - "NOW" - in my Favourites list.

I'm so embarrassed...