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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

because it was there

Last year, when the promos started rolling out for the CN Tower Edgewalk, Dad glanced over at me and said, "We're going to do that, right?"

I said, "Of course."

Spike and my Mom rolled their eyes and assumed we didn't mean it.

But we did.

So on Saturday, the four of us went to the Big City down the road.

We were early, so we wandered around a bit.

Then Dad and I saluted Mom and Spike, and they tearfully watched us depart.

Ok, there weren't any tears. Or salutes. Just more eye-rolling.

After a breathalyzer test, pat-down and suit-up, Dad and I were put into harnesses that were strapped on so tight they wedged into places on our bodies that had been previously undiscovered. The harness gave a strange sense of security, allowing me to laugh (nervously) in the face of my (admittedly mild) fear of heights.

And then, with 4 other strangers, we did this, 117 stories up.

And then we did this.

We also hung our toes over the edge, looking straight down.

And then we leaned forward, Titanic style, right over Union Station.

But we didn't get pictures of that, although it IS on the video.

The blonde on the left - it was her birthday. This was her birthday surprise.

So we sang "Happy Birthday" to her as she leaned backwards over Toronto.

We watched planes land at the island airport from above. Looked down into the open Sky Dome. Looked between our feet at the Fairmont Royal York.

At the end, we grinned like idiots.

Came back in, unharnessed, de-suited and met up with Spike and Mom.

Spike doesn't do Edgewalk. He even has a strong suspicion of the glass floor.

Then we went for Thai food.

And on the way back, we glanced up at some other Edgewalkers.

And grinned again.


Karen said...

I so want to do this some day...wish I knew you were going. Any chance you will be doing it again?

Bob said...

Looks like you guys had a blast but I would definitely been with Spike :)

btw - who is the white haired fellow in the shorts ??
he kind of looks like someone who used to mock me for wearing shorts :)

Anonymous said...

Patti I can believe: Roy I can't.

I seem to remember him having a fear of heights.

Chad King said...

Love it...definitely want to do this. I don't remember you're dad being that much of a lunatic. You...absolutely!!!

Patti said...

Karen - Dunno. Would love to. But it's a pricey little venture. :)

Bob - I don't answer for others' wardrobes. I can barely answer for my own!

Anon - He's not afraid of heights. Me, I don't like heights so much. He, on the other hand, despises snakes.

Chad - You're married! Congrats!!! And I learned lunacy FROM Dad! ;)

Ken said...

My cursor hovered over 'video' expectantly, but... no hand appeared. Sigh.

I'm glad you both passed the breathalyzer test ;)

And I expect that your church is happy that both co-pastors got high