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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

end of an era

here's to you, mill!
you were small but terrifying.
unbending ruler of your world.



If you haven't read the stories, you really should.
Click that "crazy cat" label over on the right.
It's some good reading!


chRistine said...

sorry to hear about Millhouse :(

Karen said...

So sorry about Millhouse. They become such a big part of our families and leave a giant void when they are gone. May you both find comfort in your memories of him.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. Condolences.
Dougy G.

Anonymous said...

What? That's so sad. Mill house was the oldest cat I ever knew of. In cat years if we do the math ... 20x7 (if cat and dog years are calculated equal) = 140 BUT then you must multiply the 9 lives given .. 140x9=1260 year.. That tops any I know thus making your cat the Methuselah of felines.

Seriously my condolences .... RBH

Heather F. said...

Awww... Millhouse!
So sorry for the loss of your family member, Patti.... an unforgettable member for sure. There are those who'll be relieved they can now come & visit you without fear.... but I know so very well, that to US our pets, no matter how feared by others, are still precious & much loved members of our family. They bring us much joy & that will be missed too. Condolences my friend.

Derick said...

awwMAN! Miss you mill! Didn't know you well but you made me laugh a few times. RIP Millhouse.

Christina said...

Aww :( Bye Millhouse, sorry to hear that guys.

Ross said...

I think Millhouse has finally stepped through the door into the beyond.... Sorry for your loss.

Pina said...

Oh Patti and Jeff I am so deeply sorry to hear about your beloved cat and friend. Here's a virtual gentle hug for you ((((((((((Patti))))))))) (((((((((((((Jeff))))))))))) Praying for you. Love Pina

vjc said...

So sorry to hear this, Patti and Jeff. His size belied his epic character and his indomitable point of view. Thanks for sharing them with us so we could be part of the experience that was Millhouse.