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Monday, April 29, 2013

entirely random bits

Stopped in at a bookstore today and roamed around for awhile. Spike pointed out that People magazine had named Gwyneth Paltrow as the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm glad they cleared that up.


I'm presently sitting in a dental surgeon's waiting room with Spike. Again. Poor guy.

He was tightening a strap on his truck last September, when a bungee cord snapped and sent a metal D-ring hurtling into his mouth. Several teeth lost that battle, pretty quickly. They didn't even try to defend themselves, to be honest.

There's a little girl here, humming away to herself as she works on a puzzle on the floor. She's completely oblivious to the rest of us, it seems. Even when we step over her.

So this appointment today is number-whatever (we've lost count) in the ongoing quest to put Spike's teeth back in working order.


My most recent class is completed. Next one starts halfway through the summer. Normally I'd be starting a new one next week, but there weren't any classes available that I need to take. In principle, this is irritating, since it delays eventually finishing this degree. In reality, I'm secretly ok with a break.

Beg your pardon? Oh, it's Sociology that I'm studying. Yes, our Prime Minister DID apparently use the phrase "committing sociology" recently. Oops.


Tickets are being booked for our fall trip to my most favourite place in the world. Since I'm on a break from school, I probably should refocus on my neglected Russian language studies, huh?

I dreamed in Russian the other night. So there's that.


When I went to write my final exam last Friday night, a crowd of random students NOT writing an exam shouted cheers and encouragements as those of us who WERE walked in. High-fives and "you can do it" calls made me laugh. What a great idea.


Anyway - good for Gwyneth. And what a relief for the rest of us, really. Now we can just go back to getting up in the morning and living life, without worrying that perhaps we're not as beautiful today as we were yesterday. "Most beautiful woman in the world" - imagine the pressure.


These have been the mindless ramblings of a running pastor on her first day of a week off. Thanks for stopping by!

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Jade Kenyamanyara said...

Made me smile :) Thanks for your thoughts!