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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I heard a commercial today that referred to "Certified BBQ Experts". 

So many questions.

Is there such a certification?

Certified by whom?

Is this a career kids are dreaming of now?

What qualifies one as a BBQ expert? I suspect the ability to BBQ without setting oneself on fire would be one qualification.

And the real question: Are we really in need of certified experts when it comes to BBQs? I know we've come a long way since the days of my dad's hibachi and full can of lighter fluid. The days when you fired it up just before dawn so that it would be ready for steaks at suppertime. I know we don't live in that long-ago era anymore.

But - it's not like the BBQ has evolved into a smart phone of some kind, with apps and syncing capabilities. (Has it?) There is no tech-support number to call when my burger burns. (Is there?)

I feel like we may have crossed some sort of certification line that brings all the other certifications into question. On the other hand, it does have potential, as far as feeling good about oneself goes.

I could, for example, be a Certified Morning Expert - for those of you who struggle with life before noon.

And you could be...um...well I don't know. When you figure it out though, do let me know, because I may be in desperate need of your expertise, though I am, as yet, unaware of that need.

Now if only there was a Certified Toilet-Cleaning Expert in the house.

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