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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

please care #Ukraine #Maidan #Euromaidan

Edit Feb 19: Thank you Minister Baird for leading Canada in helping Ukraine! Hopefully other nations will follow this example. http://www.international.gc.ca/media/aff/news-communiques/2014/02/18c.aspx


I have spent much of the day watching Berkut (riot police) move into Maidan. I haven't watched the edited news - I have watched the live streams. As they moved in, protesters lit fires to keep them out.

It is apparently called "Operation Terrorist" by their government. And yet, no matter which stream I watch, the prayers, the songs, and the speeches can be heard alongside of the gunshots and explosions. Thousands of people are gathered. But it is not a riot. They are not terrorists.

Yes - they are throwing rocks. Rocks. While being shot at by snipers and water cannons. The rocks are passed to them by assembly lines of mostly women and senior citizens. There are some molotov cocktails being thrown by both sides.

But it has been 3 months of peaceful protests, against a corrupt government that is increasingly oppressive. Here in Canada, we erupt over traffic jams. Or too much snow.

These are people who have lived through generations of oppression. They have been free - more or less - since the USSR fell apart. They're not going to give that freedom up, not for themselves, and not for their children.

If you are Canadian, you can ask our government to take action. If you are from another country - you can ask your government to take action.

The emails and tweets I am sending are to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird. They say something along these lines:

"Dear Minister Baird -

Please - will the government of Canada take immediate action to help the people of Ukraine as they are attacked and oppressed by their own government?

They are crying for the world to help. Surely Canada can respond.


Here are four live-stream feeds. They can be intermittent, just so you know.


SpilnoTV Press Club

SpilnoTV Live Action

24TV in Ukraine


Anonymous said...

Protesters seem to posses some superhuman strength, considering the amount of policemen that were shot by "rocks"

Patti said...

Nine policemen died, yes. Don't know if they were all shot, but yes - a terrible tragedy that anyone is dying, don't you think?

For the most part - the police and military are well-armed. Protestors are not, except as described in my post.

I won't fight you though, Anonymous. :)