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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

land-I-love vacation

Well we're off. Cue my happy dance. 

We booked the tickets around Christmas, when it seemed like Euromaidan protests had settled. Then it all got much bigger and much more difficult. And we've been watching since then, wondering if the trip would happen at all. 

But it's happening, baby! We're at the airport (with free-to-use iPads and wifi - imagine that) and we've changed plans three times. After all, our original plan was Crimea, and we all know THAT had to change. 

So - tomorrow we will be landing in Kyiv, Ukraine. Meeting up with some of our best friends on the planet, including some coming to see us in Kiev from Krivoy Rog, and then heading west to Lviv. We've never been there. Can't wait. 

For now, I'm admitting that it's kind of an unexpected pleasure to be in an airport and not be counting team members, making sure we're all together. 

Love my teams. 

And... love my vacation. 

If I have wifi, I'll post pics over the next couple weeks, ok? 

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