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Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Well, THAT was startling. Did a little post the other day for the first time in a few months - which breaks every rule of blogging there is, so inconsistent, tsk tsk tsk - and within a few minutes, scads of you were here. You didn't comment (to me, at least). But you were here. I saw the numbers.


So ... hi.

I decided to start blogging again, because, well ... remember this post, in which I wailed on about profile pics and bios, as if it that were a genuine example of suffering?

Somebody needed another one. They had certain requirements, which the last one didn't fit. So they emailed me, and I responded, all professional-like. I had completely forgotten about that blog post. But they, having just met me via email, decided to check out my blog, right after I assured them I would send them a pic.

Cue my embarrassment when they emailed me back, having read the I-need-a-photo-of-myself wailing.

So that happened. Clearly time for some new material.


Nearly two weeks ago, I spent three days here with Very Important People. I spent two of those three days in these shoes, with no problem at all. I say that, so that you understand I am perfectly capable of walking.

The fourth day, back home, I had to attend a supervisor workshop for the intern that has recently come to my church. Tromped across the university campus at high speed, as I always do - same university that I attend part-time - in casual-height heels, not Ukrainian-height - and with no warning at all, wiped out entirely.

Blew the knees out of my pants.

Twisted my ankle.

I'm still wearing flats and a tensor around that ankle.

So that also happened.

I'm feeling very dignified, all-around.

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