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Friday, February 06, 2015

when i'm done

Were you around when this happened?

If schedules (theirs, not mine) work smoothly, I'll be done by August.

And it turns out that now that I've allowed that possibility to sink in, I'm reeeeealllllly counting on it.

*fingers crossed*

So in honour of Outrage-Free Friday, here are a few things I'm going to resume doing when I'm done school.

1. Cook

Honestly, the number of times I've bought an already-roasted chicken and a salad, and eaten them right out of the containers before dropping into bed.... This morning I was idly considering nachos or another roasted chicken for the weekend, and then remembered - I used to COOK! Not all the time, not by a long shot, but way more than now. And GOOD food. INTERESTING food. I even had shelves full of home canning for awhile.

I miss food that is not roasted chicken.

2. Garden

I designed and planted and grew a beautiful garden at this crazy little house of ours, front and back. Thank goodness I planned ahead with perennials.  It's the only thing that's kept it mildly - barely - respectable.

I miss spending hours in my garden.

And I miss long walks too.

3. Speak Russian

Turns out I couldn't learn this language AND pastor AND get a second degree at the same time. So the language is on hold. I practice when I can, and surprise myself at how much I can still do.

But ooooohhhhh, how I miss speaking Russian.

4. Read and write what I want

Not textbooks. Unless I want to read textbooks. I might want to. And no writing essays. Unless I want to. I might want to.

I miss the escape of burying myself in a book or a topic
that grabs every single bit of my imagination and passion.




Your turn - what are you looking forward to?

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