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Thursday, June 18, 2015

one of my "things"

Hey, you know how one of my "things" is Outrage-Free Friday?

Also coffee. And Ukraine. Those are also "things" of mine.

But the whole "outrage-free" thing is, for me, a response to ... um ... how do I say this ... I feel like a lot of outrage is in response to valid concerns, but it's ... uh ... knee-jerk, short-lived and ineffective at creating long-term change.

And it's bad for my health to live in that space all the time. So I care deeply, which means I get outraged too, but I also declare one day a week outrage-free, because looking for joy is a good thing, and getting outraged can become an exhausting, demoralizing habit.

For me.  If you want to be outraged all the time, that's your call.

So this morning, I read this brief story. About a government that outlawed a practice that was essential to someone's faith. And the "someone" heard about it, knew about it, and continued their practice anyway ... "just as he had always done".


That's the difference between short-lived, loudly-expressed, less-effective outrage ... and a life lived intentionally, core values solidly defined. This guy ended up surviving three massive government changes and influencing his world - not by loud outrage, but by an authentic life.

Less short-term outrageous.

More long-term courageous.

Off to work now.


old_black said...

Gee, I wish I had read and thought about this 24 hours ago. I have been guilty of expressing short-term outrage twice in the last 24 hours, both of which I see now were completely ineffective in getting the outcome I wanted. Further, the adverse consequences for me of my outrage response will surely be a matter for further regret.

I will think of this post next time I feel an outrage coming on. Thanks.

Patti said...

hi old_black! i fight it too.... it's hard, especially if I'm tired. One day at a time, right? Hey - you're already on Outrage-Free Friday down there in Australia, right? Give it a good start for me - I'm still at Thursday night here. :)

old_black said...

Yes, we're well into Friday, and so far I'm outrage-free! I have to admit, however, that's probably because I'm having a very introspective focus today, after my foolishness of yesterday.

Linda McG said...

With out thinking about Outrage Free Friday I have started my day deciding that no matter what the circumstances that are me I AM going to be happy. I refuse to let MY joy be taken away by someone who is clearly very unhappy with who he is!!