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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

crazy pastor lady

We've had a kids day camp at my church all week long. Which means we provide yummy lunches and snacks.

And it turns out, the local wildlife agrees.

Last night, after everyone had cleared out except me, I came downstairs to set the alarm and exit - and this little guy was right outside the door.

Funny, we've had a few times when we've arrived in the morning to evidence of various city critters, but in all the years I've been here, I've never had a raccoon in broad daylight as I was exiting the building.

We have at home. Not at the church.

We've had bats. And mice. Not raccoons in broad daylight.

So I banged on the door and he ran off, allowing me to safely exit.

Except ...

He ran under my car. It was the only shelter in the lot. Hunkered down there and watched my every move. I tried setting off the car alarm, and although his tail jumped every time the horn went, he refused to budge.

I waited awhile. He stared, unmoving, clearly prepared to out-wait me.

So ...

I slooooowly approached the car and put my stuff in it ... backed away to see if he was still under the front bumper ... he was ... slowly approached the open door of the driver's side ... and took a mighty leap into the car.

I'm guessing that was amusing
for neighbours who had no idea
why the crazy pastor lady
was cautiously circling and leaping into her car
in an empty parking lot.

"She's lost it. Burn-out.
I've seen it before.
Sad, really."

Sat in there for awhile. And then saw this, outside the passenger window.

Hmm. Same guy? Did he run out from under the car without me seeing? Or a friend, worried that I'm about to kill his little buddy?

Sigh. Started the car. Saw his ears flick up in alarm. Ever so slowly, started backing up, an inch at a time.

By the time I backed all the way up, there was definitely no critter under the car. Unless he backed up with me. Maybe he did.

Maybe it's a little "bit" they've developed.
"Confuse the crazy pastor lady."
Who knows.

No raccoons were harmed in the writing of this post.


old_black said...

I hate that situation - an animal hiding under my car. I reckon you handled it pretty well! And I would have loved to have been watching from across the street :-)

Linda Lou said...

They look so cute but if you see one i daylight STAY AWAY!!! I got bit on the foot by one in broad daylight. I was told that if they are out in the day they may have something wrong with them. Call animal control to tackle the little problem.