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Monday, December 07, 2015

heaven's food is Lebanese

Oh my word.

Some of you have noticed that list I'm keeping on the side of places we've eaten. I need to add a few, and I don't have time this morning, but oh my friends....

Run. Don't walk. RUN, I tell you to Daou Restaurant. We had our staff/board Christmas party there last night.

I cannot express to you the explosions of flavour, the variety of dishes, the melt-in-your-mouth quality of everything from appetizers to dessert. Perhaps Celine Dion can - apparently she recognizes outstanding Lebanese food when she sees it too, and loves this place. The owner certainly can - she sat with us last night and described the various foods we were eating - she is part of our church, by the way. Her father started the restaurant as a new immigrant, so that his 4 daughters wouldn't have to work for anyone else when they grew up; they would work for themselves in this family business. "We will open a restaurant and serve what we eat at home," he said. "If people like it - great. If not, well at least we tried."

People liked it.

Next week, Daou will have been in business 40 years. Every employee is a family member or close friend; all have been there at least 15 years.

Go there, I implore you.


LouLou said...

Mike is totally on board with trying as many eating establishments as you can. He is always saying they have the best food. Enjoy and keep being our food critic so we know where to eat when we come see you. hahahahahaha

proudmom said...

Look forward to it some time in the new year!

Patti said...

You're gonna love it! :)