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Monday, June 15, 2009

travel by backpack

Yesterday morning, two backpackers from Alabama came to Crossfire. "Happy" and "Donuts" - had just come from the city down the highway one way, and are heading on this week to the city down the highway the other way.

Intriguing. Any other backpackers out there?

My sister-in-law backpacked through Europe, I'm pretty sure, but I was only newly dating Spike when she came home, so I'm fuzzy on the details.

(I should ask her more about that, now that I've known her for a couple of decades. Maybe it's time I get over that initial shyness.)

Here is what I learned. Today's backpackers carry tiny little laptops with them. They also pre-arrange some of their sleeping arrangements through websites dedicated to backpackers with texting capabilities. Or they sleep in a park, like backpackers of yore.

And they can live - two of them - on $22 a day. $23 with the exchange.

They were lovely people. I enjoyed meeting them.


I don't think I'm backpacker material. I can rough it - that's not a problem - I've seen my share of international bathrooms. (Which, ironically, rarely have a bath or running water, and may not even be a room. Even "toilet" can be a gross exaggeration.)

But I need a plan. I don't have to be in charge of the plan. I'm open to the plan changing. I can be flexible about the plan. I just like to know that there was a reasonable attempt at a plan.

No, I'm not backpacker material.

I'm more of a road trip kind of gal. Unless it's to St. Petersburg. That's my dream destination (having fulfilled my Alaska dream a couple of years ago). St. Petersburg will require travel by plane and train, as well as an excellent interpreter.

I will get there someday.

Without a backpack.


Anonymous said...

Is that St. Petersburg Florida? Why do you need an Interpreter there? Oh, wait a minute, Americanese! You r definitely going to need an Interpreter!

Patti said...



That G guy said...

What do you mena your not a backpack kind of person. Grab yyour laptop with VISTA of course and you and Spike try top do it to atleast Lakeshore :-)

Anonymous said...

"Happy and Donuts??!!"
Sorry, but I can't seem to get past that...
Did they mention eating at Tim Hortons along their journey?


Patti said...

G - Vista is not happening. I despise Vista. You're going to have to live with that.


Anon - They did have more conventional names, but they also gave these as their nicknames. I never did hear the story behind that!

Meredith said...

i've always admired those who can do that, but i'm far too high-stress to ever pull it off.

i don't think type A personalities are meant to be backpackers.

But perhaps that means that I should just to push my own boundaries, no?

Bob said...

I got a kick out of their reaction to being threatened in a Niagara Falls Ontario park by some pre-teens.

The the kids shouted "I'll kick your face in, eh"

Happy's (or maybe it was Donuts I didn't catch which was which - but anyway the girl) response was "isn't that cute he said eh"

That G-Guy said...

Hey you could backpack to Steven street and use it as a test run.

chRistine said...