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Monday, June 29, 2009

unexpected reno

We had a plan for this house. It wasn't set in stone, but the items in the plan lined up nicely in my mind.

Some of the items have a nice check mark beside them.

Replace the floors in the front half of the house - check.
Redo the bathroom - check.
Front perennial garden established - check
Back gardens cleaned up, begin vegetable-growing experiment - check

Most of the plans are yet to come.

New hardware in the kitchen
New paint in the kitchen
New curtains and blinds in the kitchen
Fix the front porch
Fix the driveway
Put a second floor on the front half of the house for a seriously AWESOME master bedroom

... and waaaaaaayyyy down the list .... at the bottom .... was an item vaguely referred to as "change the basement so it doesn't feel like the inside of a mint tictac".

And then it stormed last Thursday. And while I contentedly reflected upstairs on the fact that our house is higher than most of our neighbours, so our basement has never flooded ... well, it flooded. Backed-up sewer kind of flooding.

Of course, since I don't generally hang out on the inside of a tictac, I didn't know this. Spike called me at work on Friday to query about the carpet that was oozing ick under his bare feet.


....pause to give thanks for insurance....


And now our basement carpet and sub-flooring have been ripped out, as have entire sections of wall, and yes, the random toilet. Industrial size fans are down there right now, drying things up and drowning out the sound of any planes flying overhead. The smell of disinfectant spray is wafting gently through our home.

Moving that vague "change the basement" item right to the top of the list.


It was just important to me that you knew ... we had a plan.


TLC said...

'oozing ick under his bare feet' - eew!! Been there - backed up sewer while camping...on the septic bed...gross!! At least you can change the colour of the tic-tac now.

vjc said...

Oh, no! The random toilet too?

Sighing with you...

Sheepdog said...

... disinfectant smell wafting... nice.

Gross and a pain in the neck, but renos mostly paid by someone else...

Was the sewer back-up the city's fault? Are they going to fix that or are you stuck with somehow preventing a recurrence?

Dougie G said...

It's actually a good thing it was sewer back-up, cause if it was just flood due to high water coming in the foundation, there would be no Insurance coverage. How do I know that? It was what I did for a living for 15 years. You can't even buy flood insurance except on a commercial policy. Very expensive. It's like buying wind insurance in Florida.

Sheepdog said...

There's such a thing as wind insurance?

Hey... can you get hot air insurance?

Kelly said...



hope you are drying out from the last deluge!

the barefoot ICK issue is gross ... we had that in Mom's basement a number of years ago. But it wasn't a finished basement, and I NEVER went down there barefoot anyway. It is gross though.

TLC said...

'hot air insurance' - too funny! You had me howling Sheepdog!

Anonymous said...

Re: Who Has Seen The Wind . . .

I guess it depends on what kind of wind it is, i.e., breaking wind. Ok, maybe you can't see it, but you KNOW its there! :)

a.s. said...

What a beautiful picture Kelly! You look incredible! Congratulations!

Don G said...

Sewer back-up !!! Nasty stuff !!!!
In older areas where there are sewer overload problems, it's not generally possible for the city to do a quick fix. It involves major replacement. Suggest you look into getting a sewer cap installed that wiil withstand the pressure. When you need to use the drain to dispel interior water, you simply unscrew the cap and relace it when you're done.

Dwayne said...

Floods / water damage - not fun. The 'sinking' feeling of seeing my ceiling on my floor came back to me as I envisioned Spike ankle deep in poop water (yeah, I know you didn't say that, but that's what I pictured). But it's not about me............ I'm sorry for your sad surprise. I hope the renovation work goes well and quickly. You know, you could install a differently placed random toilet and be able to say 'you' did it.... or you could take a picture of the toilet and tribute it in a picture in your basement.
Bye bye random toilet. You'll be missed.