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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

summer food


Best of the fresh herbs.

Even giving all due respect to basil, which is exciting and sophisticated, and parsley, which is dependable and unchanging ... dill is my herb of choice in the summer.

Nine years ago, on a trip to Ukraine, I was introduced to the wonders of fresh, local produce grown in the breadbasket of Europe. Flavour-filled tomatoes. Crisp cucumbers. Peaches, grape and plums picked off the trees and vines which grew beside the backyard picnic table.

Ohmymymy. I ate some good food in Ukraine. There was sala too. Which was ... less ... enjoyable.

But the dill....

Here's what you do.

Take some new potatoes

Cut them into chunks

Boil them.

Drain them.

Now quickly! Before they cool...

Melt some butter around them there potatoes, still in the pot.

Dump in lots of freshly chopped dill (chopped green onions is a nice addition too)

Sprinkle with salt and pepper

And if you're the classy type, dish the whole thing out nicely on a plate with your other food groups and enjoy.

If you're like me - eat it right out of the pot, and call it dinner.


Jane said...

I especially like your descriptions of the personalities of herbs.
I think there's a whole piece in that alone.
Great recipe too. And this is the perfect time of year to take advantage of our local produce! Yay!

vjc said...

Ooooh - Patti, that looks so good! It breaks my heart that I can't grow my own red (new) potatoes around here and that they are outrageously expensive at our local markets. I'm looking into potato bags for next summer but my mouth is watering in the meantime. Enjoy an extra mouthful for me, 'K?

Meredith said...

That looks really good.

Dill's one of the fresh herbs I've been over-exposed to (due to making pickles every year and having lots left over). Perhaps I need to try it in a new context.

I have been thinking of rigging up am (indoor) container garden of herbs under my kitchen window to have fresh ones too, as the squirrels outside would decimate them.

Patti said...

vjc -


you *gasp* can't get new potatoes???

oh my.

that is a tragedy.

i will enjoy a whole pot-ful for you.

vjc said...

Oh, I can get them. I just have to mortgage the kitchen to do it. So I don't...But since seeing your post, I've been thinking of ways I might barter (or blackmail) one of the local growers.


TLC said...

Are there any leftovers??