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Monday, September 14, 2009

dining vs dancing

Recently, Spike and I found ourselves without table and chairs. It's a long story of a treasured inheritance having its turn at Spike's sister's house, and it's all good, because we had that inheritance for probably 12 years or so.

We've been planning to get a new table and chairs. But our table-and-chairs space was being used by Things Hauled Out of the Basement after the flood. And we only recently got that cleaned up (mostly).

So now it's just a big open space.

Which is a problem.

Because this morning, I landed on this.

And it turns out I need the big open space to dance in my pajamas while eating peanut butter toast.

Maybe we don't need a table and chairs after all.


Janer said...

I vote no table and chairs if I can come to your disco!

Patti said...

you can come! bring your pj's and snack!

vjc said...

Couldn't you just eat in front of the TV like the rest of us? (Okay, usually we don't but the US Open was on.)

I vote no table if it means giving up dancing ...

luanne said...

I vote for dancing over eating any day. But with a very large water cooler real close by.
I would call it a "dance fast".