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Friday, September 25, 2009

first friends

I made a friend last night!

First tutorial, and it's a much smaller group - 40 or 50 people. The poor TA seems like a lovely person, but everything in me wants to quietly approach her and give her some tips on how to be in charge and own the room we're all in. Mild to medium chaos reigned throughout the hour.

It'll probably be better next week though. She expressed genuine surprise that people showed up at all, since we don't get marks for it - that oughta reduce the number in next week's group!

But yes, I made a friend. We exchanged names and bits of trivia about ourselves, and even moved on to the lecture hall together. Her face lit up when I mentioned my musician-ly husband ... thank goodness for Spike ... once again, he makes me cool!

Hey - do you remember the names of some of your first friends in elementary school?

I remember Corey who skipped a grade with me, and was Joseph to my Mary in the Christmas play ... Patti Jo who only shared her chips after licking the salt off them (Yes, I now know that's wrong. At the time, I thought friendship was required since we shared the same first name. And we didn't get to eat chips much at my house... Don't look at me like that! I was in kindergarten! Stop judging me!) ... and Barbie, the beautiful and self-assured girl who moved to my town in Grade 3. (We were BFFE's until I moved away the next year.)

Your turn - who were your first friends?


Sue H/Dianne said...

Glad to hear that you made a friend in school. Having a great musician in the family does have its credits lol. But you are a great person on your own as well.

I remember a couple of my close friends, but don't know where any are now. The one that I remember the most though was Phil. We first met in grade 7, I went on but he was kept back. We stayed in touch, since he lived across the street, until I went on to high school. We then lost contact with each other until we met again 18 years ago, got married, and were happy until he went to be with the Lord two years ago.

TLC said...

I'm told my first friend was Eric - there is photographic evidence of us destroying my Mom's kitchen at 18 months old. We would take all the tupperware out of the cupboard, then climb in and close the doors. Ah, life was good.

Then there was Jennifer - she was only allowed to watch 1 hour of TV a day, and her house was always under construction...it made visiting her very exciting. Of course there was Matt - I've known him since Kindergarden...but I remember going over to his house to visit his Mom...she had Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea - made her very cool.

Sheepdog said...

You are cool all on your own. Spike is needed for many things, but not for your "cool-ness". :)