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Monday, May 04, 2009

or maybe....

Up early this morning, had to have Spike in a town an hour away for 7:30 AM. Not so early, you might say. Agreed. Except it's my day off. So it's not the getting up that's the issue, it's the getting dressed and driving somewhere.

Ah well.

Bought some seeds on the way home, so all is well!

Here's my Terribly Profound Thought for today. Heard a radio commercial about Quaker State oil being so wonderful, especially for commuters. A random man moans - "I have the worst commute in the world! Fifty miles, and it takes two and a half hours!" And apparently the solution is to use Quaker State oil.

Or ... and I know this is crazy ... maybe you decide that five hours a day getting to and from work is an insane way to spend your life ... ??!!! Aside from the whole environmental thing - really??? You are happy to spend FIVE HOURS A DAY just getting to and from work?

I live 3 km from work. I can walk there if I want. I shudder at the thought of two and a half hour commutes.

But anyway. If you are a commuter, and I have just depressed you, I apologize. But good news! Quaker State oil will save your car (if not your sanity).


Kelly said...

In 26 Days my commute will be 1.4km ...


well actually 35 days ... because in 27 days I'll be on a beach ... sipping tropical drinks ...

Patti said...

Oh....verrrrry nice Kelly!

Meredith said...


live near your work? don't drive an insane amount? come on, that's CRAZY!

or... maybe its not.

maybe its really, really smart, and the car lifestyle we've known over the past century isn't the way things have always been, and there's advantages not only to sometimes being able to get somewhere far away really fast, but also localizing and centralizing one's life.

Then again, i take the train an hour to work, so i'm a little crazy myself ;) but it is only for a month and then i'm back to walking to work :D! which incidentally keeps me far more fit then when I sat all day except for using the gym.

I remember hearing a classmate of mine - forty, with four kids - whose husband wants a bigger house, so they're moving to Milton, even though she doesn't see the need for a bigger house. They're both adding on a huge commute just for the bigger house, one of whom doesn't even want it... scary marriage communication problems aside, I see that over and over and over, and it's scary.

I think this (latest) recession may lead us to seriously rethink the "needs" that are normal in this culture, and the means used to attain those "needs" as well.

Anonymous said...

I put on 5000 km a month! And enjoy every km. Unless its bad traffic.

jarod said...

for me there is only two things worth commuting more than an hour for;

1. family/GOOD friend related events (and even then most of these are within an hour or very close to it)
2. music related events...because who you wanna see, doesn't always come to play where you live :(

Patti said...

Now, see, I LOVE a good drive. I love driving places, other places, and I don't mind long trips at all, especially on country roads. It's the perfect time for long talks in which we solve all the world's problems.

But COMMUTING - that's a long drive, every single day, on the way to work and home again, breathing in someone else's exhaust, without the entertaining company of Spike.

That's a different thing entirely.

Dougie G said...

I don't mind the driving part. I actually enjoy the time listening to the radio or just thinking. I've listened to many sermons while commuting, including some of yours! What gets me is the cost of it, and the stress that is caused when things happen beyond your control ( accidents) that make you late for work. Fortunately, that doesn't happen too often. I'm just thankful I have a good job to commute to right now!

Joe said...

Well there was this guy whose family life was pretty bad. The wife always complained and the kids always whined. Work was no better. The boss was always too pushy and the staff backstabbed him every chance they got. A two hour commute to work. A two hour commute home. The commute was all he looked forward to and hated to see it end.


Meredith said...

I understand the value in getting to far-away places, faster and more conveniently than it can happen by another method.

That's what driving is for - trips that are too circuitous, far, or inaccessible any other way - whether that's as simple as picking up groceries at Lococo's or driving halfway across the country.

And yep, great conversations very very often happen on the way.

But if I have to drive 2 1/2 hours to work every day... that's a whole other story.

I know a lot of my irritation with driving comes from when I lived in Uxbridge, which is a "bed and breakfast" town - in the sense that everybody comes back for bed and breakfast, then leaves again.

It's pretty much the farthest one can live from Toronto and still commute, even though it's a really long commute on packed highway. That's the lifestyle we always had to contend with, since anything outside of the job I had there required a long (usually hour-plus) drive: Jarod's job, family, school, any shopping outside of Zehrs, Wal-Mart and Mark's Work Warehouse - they all required that hour-plus commute. It got old, expensive, time-consuming and incredibly irritating real fast. Some people can do that for a lifetime, or because they have priorities - whether they're good ones like raising their kids in a small town, or perhaps questionable ones like wanting the 12-bedroom mansion built on former farmland.

Personally, I don't think I ever could again.

Don G said...

Patti, I don't think that I would have gotten the jist of that commercial if it wasn't for this post. Being old and deaf has it's pros and cons

chRistine said...

i commute into work, usually around 45 minutes each way. i am a news junkie, so i listen to the news, flip through music stations, and "prepare" for my work day. to help with the economic and environmental issues, we bought a hybrid vehicle and i would love to car-pool.

Meredith said...

i think 45 minutes is my PERSONAL upper limit of "reasonable commuting distance." i don't think i'd do more than that.

Dwayne said...

I detest driving. We live 3.6 km from my office.