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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Another Halloween has come and gone.

I wish there were more kids. We had maybe 30 or so.

But still, it's all good.

Two vampires (a pretty little one, and a suspiciously adult-like one) arrived early with a friendly zombie. They shared some pizza with us before heading off for trick-or-treating.

Beetlejuice rode his bike up and down my street, singing and hollering greetings.

A unicorn carrying a chatty little dimpled cherub with a lisp may just win the most-adorable prize.

A pre-teen dressed as an old grandma made us laugh the most, due to certain, shall we say, "assets" which had ... um ... fallen.

There were also two ladybugs, two screams, a tiger, spiderman, batman, a butterfly, a hippie, and a grim reaper who couldn't remember what he was.

Wrapped in a quilt, I went across the street to where the action was, and had a great chat with my favourite neighbours, all shivering while we talked. Got invited to a party next month.

A sad moment, looking next door and seeing the darkened porch where Oma used to live. She passed away two months ago. I miss her.


It's the most wonderful time of the year!


Sheepdog said...

You described that so well it was almost like I was there.

Dougie G said...

The little ones are so cute. We had a couple of little fairies, a dragon and a dinosaur. I always give them a little extra. Their little legs can't take them to as many houses!

chRistine said...

we had a little 'fireman' being pulled in a wagon. he was definitely the cutest :)

Patti said...

I think we all just need to let out a collective "aaaawwwwww" right now.


a.s. said...

In our family, we've always had a Halloween tradition involving a visit at Nana & Papa's with spaghetti (that apparently is better than mine) and the whole family going out trick-or-treating together allowing mom and dad to stroll along holding hands and catching up on various topics of discussion while the kids race from house to house.

However, this year Nana & Papa ditched us and left the country for a week (leaving a distinct hole in the spaghetti department), the kids suddenly became old enough to have their own plans and, now that we live in the country, we don't have any little cuties coming to our door.

So we enjoyed a very rare, relaxed, quiet evening at home playing SkipBo.

Turns out that could be a very nice tradition too!

Mimi said...

I do really love to give out candy to the kids, to ask them about their costumes, watch them blunder their way through the please-and-thank-you script, hope they don't fall down my not-quite-level porch stairs. Truly a lovely night, one of the best in the year, for sure.