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Thursday, December 10, 2009

do you miss me?

I know. Where have I been? Where is my witty commentary on the mundane details of life? Why have I abandoned you? Am I one of those bloggers that just ... *gasp* ... stops blogging???

I don't think so. I still want to blog. I still love to blog.

I miss me too.

But whoever it was that decided that exams, and Christmas, and once-a-year-visits, and detailed work plans for the coming new year should happen all at the very same time ...

Well, whoever that was should be shot.

I'll be back. Sometime.

After I start - yes start - my Christmas shopping. And put up a tree. And beat back the dustbunnies. And write an exam.

(Thank goodness for Spike, who has already taken care of getting a few family presents, entirely independent of me. Somehow there's a turkey in the freezer - I think he may be responsible for that as well.)

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Kelly said...


We don't have a tree up yet either. but that is by design. Glyn is off this weekend so the kids are with us and we're chopping our own.

I've picked up the Wii for the family Christmas present and the rest will have to wait until after the Christmas musical is finished this weekend.