"All words are symbols that represent unspeakable realities. Which is also why words are magical." (Donald Miller tweet)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

study notes

I've been working on study notes, in preparation for my first exam in a Very Long Time.

Study notes bring out a very ... well ... distinctive part of my personality. I hold a belief, very dear to my heart, that all information can be distilled down to an organized, bulleted list, with appropriate titles and subtitles. If any knowledge can't be recorded in this way, it isn't worth knowing.

That's what I believe.

Clearly I'm not an artist.

And there is a tremendous - nay, a WHOLLY SATISFYING - sense of accomplishment in taking a semester's worth of scribbled notes, and transforming them into a 12-font collection of precisely ordered bits of knowledge.

Here's to being a nerd.


AB said...

oh...I can sooooo relate!

banjosue said...

Being a notetaker and being succinct is probably an oxymoron. Being able to bullet and summarize,
B rilliant
R esourceful
A cademic
V isual
O rganized

vjc said...

Everyone has there place to shine, Patti. And if you feel your best in 12-point fonts, then you go for it!

All the best with exams.

Sheepdog said...

I do that, too.

I like it. :)

Good luck on your exam!

chRistine said...

not only can i relate, but my question is "which font?"

Patti said...

Arial. :)

With appropriately placed bold, caps, and underlines. Yellow high-lighting for the main titles. Only yellow. I don't high-light in any other colour, ever.

jarod said...

no italics????????

Meredith said...

hmm.. let me guess why no italics.

italics are designed to emphasize serif fonts such as times new roman that are already especially designed for quick readability.

putting italics on a non-serif font such as arial is nonsensical, especially since non-serif fonts are designed to help you read slowly, not quickly.