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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a little too personal

I had to whip out to a bank machine this morning. No time to go to my usual, no-fee one. Just run to the one on the corner, and pay the extra $1.25.

Took out my $20.

Got my card back.

And then the machine in the wall displayed this message:

"It has been our pleasure to serve you. Have a nice day."

I thought that was a little over-the-top creepy, personally.

Who is the "we" of "our"?

And how has this machine derived pleasure from my transaction?

And most importantly, do I have to add this machine to my Christmas card list?


vjc said...

I'll bet it's expecting cookies now. And that if it doesn't get them, it will send nastygrams to your regular ATM. They're all in on it, you know...

Kelly said...

i VERY RARELY go to machines that are not "mine" ... but when I do I always feel compelled to take out more in order to justify the extra fee it just cost to do so.

I know ... it's poor budgeting sense but that's my reality.

Anonymous said...

I personally think that at $1.25 a crack, that is the least the generic machine could do for you! Now maybe if it had asked you what you were doing later...THAT would have been creepy!! I feel it beats being swore at, or being given a dirty look when completing your transaction and it did give you your card back.

From a friendly ex-banker...