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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

how to get there

My most wonderful of sisters-in-law is painting our kitchen. It's a royal pain. Little holes and bumps in the walls everywhere ... window trim that is, well, an abuse of the word "trim" ... skylights and a vaulted ceiling.

Don't the words "vaulted ceiling" stir up images of a gracious mansion sitting on a hilltop? Trust me. We do not live in the place you are imagining. Nevertheless, there is a vaulted ceiling.

Part of the project is also to attach new hardware to the cupboard doors. And in case you are wondering, I was surprised to learn from afore-mentioned S-I-L that this place had the best deal. I had no idea.

I can just email my order in, tell them who's picking it up, and presto, it's ready in 4 hours.

I'm impressed.

They're very thorough, over at Lee Valley. (Now that I've mentioned their name, "Lee Valley," perhaps Google will send potential "Lee Valley" customers to this blog, which is likely annoying to both "Lee Valley" and the "Lee Valley" customers. But amusing for me.) If you're picking your order up, you can just "click here" for store location, phone number, email address, map, and driving directions.

Also ... and this is important ... if none of these bits of information work for you ... if, say, you are navigating with a compass, instead of following street signs ...

... they also provide the longitude and latitude of the store location.

Just in case you need it.


vjc said...

Love Lee Valley! Good thing I don't need longitude and latitude for their catalog service ...

Meredith said...

Lee Valley is a beautiful store full of treasures. I look at their catalog of hardware thinking "if I bought this, I could build THIS with it!".. for hours. Yes, hours.