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Monday, January 18, 2010

me and Google are "like this"

Google knows my name!!! Not in a creepy, stalking kind of way. In a legitimate, search-engine kind of way. I'm very proud.

Dave over at Big Ear Creations has software that tells him each time someone Googles something and lands at his blog. From time to time, he posts the hilarious and irrelevant search topics that have landed people at his blog.

I don't have that software. I'm not as smart as Dave.

Mimi over at Mimi On the Breach was discovered by Blogger a few years ago - that's how I found her. Her blog traffic spiked. As she looked back at it later, she made a comment along the lines of suddenly feeling that you have a mob of people observing as you use the washroom, and commenting on your technique.

I haven't caught Blogger's attention.

But the other day, I noticed some weird code on my site meter, checked it out, and sure enough ...

If you Google "Jack Berkowitz Omni" - my blog comes up third on page one!

Which would not at all be helpful to the person searching for Jack at Omni Jewelcrafters.

But I suddenly feel very special.

And I'm pretty sure me and Google are gonna do coffee sometime, you know, when we can make our schedules work.


janer said...

Okay...why? The google link doesn't shed any light as it merely links back to this post...

janer said...

Sorry...I should also say, I'm very happy for you Patti. ;-)

Patti said...

Yep, I know. That's why I said it's not helpful to the person searching, haha. I just like my tiny little 15 minutes of fame! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey! Now you're 2nd AND 3rd! How exciting!

vjc said...

There's some pretty funky stuff shows up in those search phrases. But, hey, if some weird convergence in the weird realm of the electron universe ranks you number 3, go ahead and bask in the byte-baked glow :) You're totally worth it!

I have to ask, where do you find the site meter?

Patti said...

There are a bunch of options.

Mine is at www.sitemeter.com, and you basically just put their widget/code on your blog page.

You can see the widget on my site, on left, down a bit - click on it, and you can see the stats for my blog.

Anonymous said...

the littles pea has a theory!-
this can be considered cheating but what you can do to get ppl to your site is add a saying or word to your blog(hide it or make it obvious) than when someone googles that same saying, and or word(the saying works better) your blog will get moved up the list and my be up front(depending on how many other sites/blogs do the same thing)in a way you can call it free advertisement
give it a try tell me i it works