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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

an in-between post

Don't worry. I'm coming back to this space of blog.

It's just that ... our house is torn apart.

Yes. Again. Thanks for asking.

And the Olympics are on.

And I've been working hard on this one paper for school.

And Annual Business Meeting is coming up.

And Easter follows up on that pretty quickly.

So just consider this tiny little post an in-between-er, OK?

In the words of the Terminator ... "I'll be back!" (Maybe even later today; you never know.)


Kelly said...

they were phenomenal were they not?
i stayed up to see the result ... but didn't see the jubilant aftermath of medals awarded and singing and waving and smiling. i will find that online this evening.

and they are only like 22 & 20 !!!! in ice dance they are babies.

Patti said...

I stayed up to watch the medals and everything - it was awesome!

Did you know they've been skating together since they were children??

They are incredibly graceful, really.

Anonymous said...

They were amazing!!!

Saw the condensed version, ie, their performance, and the medal ceremony, back to back.

So cool how excited/proud he was through the national anthem!

Patti, rest easy.

Breathe. (as you advise us.)

Sorry about your house sit-che-a-shun.

But we blog-watchers are faithful as an old dog, so don't worry about us.

Still. Sorry about your house...