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Saturday, March 06, 2010

buyer beware

I went looking on kijiji for patio door curtains yesterday. I may have mentioned that our simple paint job turned into a gut-half-the-house reno project, so if I can find curtains for a little less cash, that'd be great.

Found a pair that I thought might be a possibility. Only slightly used, in a non-smoking, no-pets home. There was a very thorough description, including the Ikea brand name, and a picture. Price - $30. Not bad, right?

Except when I looked on the Ikea website, those very same curtains - new, mind you - were $29.95.


vjc said...

It always pays to comparison shop. I can't believe they wanted to rob you of the whole IDEA experience :)

TLC said...

not to mention the ice cream at the end - yum!

Meredith said...

Hm. how about buying fabric by the yard and doing a simple fold-over-and-sew rod pocket for the top? Often Fabricland has "buy 1, get 2 free" deals on fabric that's $8 a yard or so in the first place.

If all you need is 3 yards of length (or less), whether it's 48" or 60" wide, that works out to $8 per five-foot-wide panel or $16 for two five-foot-wide panels (that gives more than enough "gather" for a 2 1/2' wide door, or a little more/less.

Ikea curtains can be good value, but most of them are 14 feet long, and you pay for that extra fabric that you don't always need - although a lot of them can be cut into two 7-foot-long curtains.

Our current curtains have been used in four different apartments in a lot of different incarnations, lengths, and re-sewing together - they're getting a little ragged, but they've worked well!

chRistine said...

wow, five cents extra for used curtains!